In various coffee promoting books we managed to find more legends than actual historical facts, but this is exactly what is adding mystique to this unique beverage.

Interesting fact is that the word “coffee” is similar in all languages, and it is presumed it was derived from two terms: Coffee region, from where it originates, and word “kaweh” which means encourage. There is also an assumption that the word coffee trace its roots from the word “oahwa” which mean wine. This theory is built on the fact that coffee was called wine of Islam for a long time: As Quran didn’t allow consummation of alcohol, coffee as a stimulating beverage took over the role of alcohol in social life of Arab world at that time.

Coffee plant is probably originating from Ethiopia, where it can be found today growing spontaneously in wilderness. It was brought near Yemen (mythical Arabia Felix) and was planted in the region Kaffa, from where it starts its triumphant conquest of the world.

It was later discovered that the coffee was present in other countries also as a wild plant. In 1843 in Liberia “liberica” was discovered, coffee variety that is not in commercial use nowadays, and in 1860 in Uganda “canephora”, todays “robusta” was discovered.