Famous Madame de Pompadour, mistress of a French king Louis XV, adored drinking coffee. In 18th century France most valued gift that could be given to a lady when wooing her was a porcelain coffee cup with engraved artistic drawings of Marie Antoinette’s breasts.

However, not everybody “applauded” the coffee and its consummation. Thus, in London in 1674, English puritan women protested asking to ban their husbands from excessive coffee drinking, arguing that it is a beverage that ‘’dries and weakens the organism”.

“Our husbands will become infertile like deserts”, angry English women claimed, but in truth they were trying to achieve equality, because at that time they were forbidden to visit taverns in which coffee was served.

Since that time, coffee in England become exclusively lady drink, while fashionable Parisiennes started opening famous saloons on the outskirts of Paris in which they “sharpened their tongues”, upgraded their spirit, and competed with men in drinking sweet and bitter coffee.