Santa Rosa de Cabal, in the Colombian department of Risaralda, above the Andes, is area known for its fertile agricultural land and its superior coffees.The distinctive way of life of the “cafeteros” (coffee producers) is based on legacies that have been passed down from generation to generation, and is linked to their traditional landownership and the distinctive small farm production system.

The family of Patricia Builes runs the farm La Hacienda Villa Clemencia since 45 years and has transmitted the knowledge of coffee production for generation. The Arabica Castillo were planted in 2012. and all plants are constantly monitored. The coffee impresses with its high uniformity and sweetness as well as the complex, good structured acidity.

Castillo coffee is a variety developed in Colombia that is considered ecologically friendly because it has resistance to several coffee diseases that may require the use of aggressive chemical treatments. This coffee has particular notes and a cup profile that connoisseurs have come to expect, making it a memorable product.

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Risaralda, Municipality of Santa Rosa de Cabal


La Hacienda Villa Clemencia

Growing Altitude 1650 m.a.s.l
Arabica Variety


Processing method Natural
Certification Not certified
Packaging 30kg GrainPro bags

Cupping Notes


Floral and fruity notes, remarkable flavor of apple, blackberry and blue grapes, chocolate, caramel, complex and well structured acidity, silky mouthfeel