Demand for coffee in the Middle East grew over the time, and the coffee transporting method from port of Mocha in Yemen to Alexandria and Constantinople, was a well kept secret.

Realizing that it is a beverage of outstanding quality, the Arabs kept secret for a long time, by banning export of this remarkable plant. Not one single tree of coffee was allowed to leave the country.

At the end of 15thcentury, travelers returning from Arabia spreaded coffee over Middle East and Maghreb countries. Afterwards Indians managed to smuggle the coffee and to start cultivating it in India.

In 1555 two Syrians brought coffee to Istanbul for the first time. In the same year the first public tavern that served coffee was opened. Taverns, which at first were only places where coffee was served and drunk, over the time became places of social culture- where people would come to socialize, to make new contacts, play different games, drink alcohol, smoke opiates and relax. Much of this is similar nowadays also.