The smallholder farmers of Ardent grow their coffee as has been done for centuries in their region, under the shade of the lush indigenous trees of Gedeb. Their modern and meticulous approach to harvesting and processing, however, embraces the present, and the marriage of these production techniques yields some of the finest coffee Ethiopia has to offer.

The farmers of Ardent produce their coffee at 1,945-2,100 meters above sea level amid the shade of false banana, avocado, and various indigenous trees. These trees are not the only natural feature assisting in coffee production—the local Moto river, with an ideal of pH of 7.8, serves as a perfect water source for processing. Farmers deliver ripe red cherries to the Ardent washing station within 8 hours of harvest, and ferment the coffee for 36-48 hours in water from the Moto. After fermentation, the coffee is dried and carefully sorted on traditional raised African beds, where farmers meticulously monitor the drying process of the beans until they reach a moisture level of 12%.


Region/Province Ethiopia, Yirgacheffe


Growing Altitude 1945-2100 m.a.s.l.
Arabica Variety


Processing method Washed
Certification Not certificated
Packaging 22 kg Grain CARTON

Cupping Notes


aromas of chocolate, nutty, spice, lemon, orange, sugar cane, low citric acidity, high sweetness