El Morito is the one of Guatemala’s best coffee farms led by Mr. Roberto Monterroso. Coffee is a passion for Mr Monterroso and he constantly refines his processes and readily experiments with new processing and cultivation methods as well as new cultivars and varietals. Having placed several times amongst the top-3 at Guatemala’s Cup of Excellence competition speaks for itself.

Pache is a cultivar which is closely related to this region as it is in Mataquescuintla where the dwarf mutation of Typica – namely “Pache” – was first identified and catalogued. El Morito has two of the main types of Pache cultivars: Pache “San Ramón” (aka Pache Común) and Pache “Colís” (aka Pache Enano).

Only the ripest cherries are selcetd for drying. The drying process itself is handled with the utmost care and natural processed Pache San Ramón is a true Guatemalan highlight.


Region/Province Guatemala, Nuevo Oriente, Fraijanes

Finca El Morito

Growing Altitude 1700 m.a.s.l.
Arabica Variety


Processing method Natural
Certification Not certificated
Packaging 30 kg GrainPro bags

Cupping Notes


sweet, aromas of blackberry, dried fruit, strawberry, full body