Amelio Gaspar Vicente is a third-generation coffee producer in the town of Las Galeras in Huehuetenango region. During the harvest Amelio makes sure to pick only the ripest cherries and depulp them the same day of the picking. The coffee is being fermented with water around 36 hours depending on the temperature, then washed with clean water and laid on a patio to dried in the sun for five days. Lastly, Amelio sorts his parchment manually and stores it in cool and dark warehouse.

The name of Amelio’s farm, La Montaña, gets its name from its high altitude location on the mountain of the town of El Pajal. The farm is surrounded by trees, vegetation and great wildlife.

Since 2016 he has made many changes within his processes and achieved to sell his coffee the first times as quality.


Region/Province Guatemala, Huehuetenango

Finca La Montaña

Growing Altitude 1700-1740 m.a.s.l.
Arabica Variety

Caturra and Bourbon

Processing method Wet Milling and sundried on patio
Certification Not certificated
Packaging 69 kg GrainPro bags

Cupping Notes


Forest fruits, blackberries, creamy