The crown jewel of India’s robusta coffees, Kaapi Royale is produced from robusta plants grown at India’s lower elevations, between 300 and 1200 m.a.s.l. Coffee is grown on mountainsides thick with natural shade, yielding a bolder, more uniform bean than coffee grown under open conditions.

To be called Kaapi Royale, 95% of the beans must stand on a sieve with round holes 6.70 mm in diameter (17 screen) or greater diameter and 100% must stand on 6.65 mm or greater sieve. Beans of this coffee are clean, uniform, and extra bold. After grading, these beans are polished, put through an electronic colour sorter and finally hand sorted.

The Kaapi Royale grade does not tolerate any defects and no peaberries, broken beans, bits, blacks, brown or foreign matter is permitted. This is very clean coffee.

Region/Province Kerala, Karnataka
Farm Coffee is sourced from a number of plantations in regions
Growing Altitude 300-1200 m.a.s.l.
Robusta Variety Robusta
Processing method Natural
Certification Not certified
Packaging 60 kg bags
Cupping Notes almost without acidity, full taste, strong body, creamy, aromas of chocolate, hazelnut, wood, bit of raw skin