Monsooned coffee is unique to India. India Robusta Monsoon is the Robusta equivalent of India Arabica Monsoon Malabar, and the beans undergo exactly the same process (coffees are evenly spread   on the floor in well ventilated warehouses and exposed to monsoon winds) as the Arabica version, but using the top grade of naturally processed Robusta instead. The process of monsooning is carried out from the months of June to September, when the South West monsoon is very intense on the western Coast.  This coffee exhibits a very soft, mellow, clean flavor. It’s best use is in espresso blends, especially those using Brazil naturals as the base. The primary benefit of using Monsooned Robusta  is that it enhances the richness and persistence of your crema and also boosts the caffeine content of your blend.

Region/Province Karnataka, Kerala
Farm Coffee is sourced from a number of plantations in

Karnataka and Kerala regions

Growing Altitude 700 – 1000 m.a.s.l.
Robusta Variety  Peridenia, S.274, CxR
Processing method Natural
Certification Not certified
Packaging 60/1 bags
Cupping Notes