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Model Taster 210 ml

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Product Description

The medium size of the three Taster cups was designed for cupping (using less ground coffee), for filter coffee and for latte.
Acme revolutionary handleless, stackable and versatile cup.
Dishwasher safe. Saucers sold separately. Milk only with colour coding (2 kokako, 2 dolphin, 2 feijoa) at base.

Features of The Evolution:

Elegant, dense and durable porcelain
Whiter and cleaner looking interior
Thick walled base for durability and heat retention
Tapered lip for improved mouthfeel and ease of drinking from
Smoother interior gradient that makes it nicer to pour coffee and milk into


Matches the 14cm saucer and fits the 145mm original range saucer
Outside diameter: 90mm
Base diameter: 48mm
Height: 76mm
Acme Cups and Saucers are now available in Serbia, and distributed by Mlin Produkt.