There are different versions of this legend, which was first mentioned by Nairone, a monk, professor at the Sorbonne who passed away in 1710.

One of the versions explains how coffee was consumed row at first, squashed and turned into porridge, or mixed with water like some kind of juice, or salted and mixed with fat and eaten with bread, or the simplest way- it was chewed fresh. If we know that coffee fruit looks like a cherry, with a red pulp covering the bean, with a very pleasent and sweet taste, above mentioned stories could be true. Also it is a scientific fact that there is a few times more cofein  in this red pulp covering the bean, than in the acctual bean itself, which today is the only part used, and refered to as coffee.

This fact gives credibility for the continuation of this legend which claims that because of the excessive usage of coffee fruit in the monastery, some of the monks got sick, making the chief priest naming the fruit “The Devil’s fruit”. He ordered for the whole stock to be burned.  When thrown into the fire, coffee started producing crackling sounds, and spreading irresistible smell. According to this legend, this was the first coffee roasting in the history of the world.